The series of cameras are 4G LTE cellular mobile communication network transmission cameras, developed by our company, which have external button control boxes with display screens and low power dual PIR sensor.

The series of camera use low-power dual PIR sensor and LTE wireless module which belongs to our company's latest research and development. The low-power dual PIR sensor has the characteristics of high accuracy and sensitivity when works in the camera, which avoid the fault shooting or missed shooting, as well as low standby current. Camera standby current has reduced to 60uA, far lower than the other brands of hunting camera with standby current 400 ~ 2000uA, which greatly extends the standby time of the camera. The built-in 4G LTE wireless module uses the high- end Qualcomm chip. You can choose different frequency to compatible with 4G communication of TDD LTE and FDD LTE. The maximum uploading speed can reach 50Mbps, with the features of high data transmission speed and supporting multiple network frequency. In the 4G LTE network mode, it can quickly send 12MP original picture or video files to user's E-mail, FTP server, or directly upload to the Ltl Acorn Camera Cloud System, while other brands 4G wireless transmission camera on the market can only send thumbnail. The series of cameras optimize the 4G transmission mode, you can choose to set the camera to send immediately after the shooting, or set a specified time for the camera to send the photos and video files taken of the day to E-mail, FTP server or Ltl Acorn Camera Cloud Systems intensively. Using centralized delivery can greatly reduce the times of 4G wireless module start-up, which greatly saves the energy.

In order to save 4G traffic flow, users can program the camera to send thumbnail to mobile or email and control the 4G module to send back the full size picture which is valuable by SMS remote control function. The superior SMS remote control function supports to change camera parameters, get camera shooting and sending picture back by sending SMS remote control command to 4G module, make it convenient to operate.

Ltl-Acron established the Ltl Acorn Camera Cloud System Server based on traditional 3G and 4G wireless transmission products to offer users a better product experience. This system is a comprehensive network camera management system integrating camera image reception, image management, camera management and camera remote control. The camera uploads the photos and videos taken to the Ltl Acorn camera cloud system directly via 3G and 4G networks with protocol http / https. The users log in the camera cloud system on the mobile APP or computer web browser, allowed to view and manage the images and videos uploaded by the camera, remotely manage the camera, modify the camera setting parameters, etc.

1.1    Features•    High quality picture of 12MP resolution.

•    Real high-definition video of 1440x1080 with audio record, H.264 format.

•    With the USB Type-C socket, you can plug external button control box with screen 2.4” TFT color LCD display, easy to set parameters, preview, replay photos and video.

•    With 4G LTE wireless transmission module, the uploading speeds can be up to 50Mbps. With patented technology can be completed in 1 Minute to send 1.5M BYTE photo files or send 40M BYTE video files (on the best network conditions and the appropriate send protocol).

•    Through the 4G wireless network, the files captured will be sent to E-mail by email, upload to designated FTP, or upload to the Ltl Acorn Camera Cloud System.

•    SMS remote control supports to change the camera settings, trigger camera remotely and control camera to send back full size picture by sending SMS command.

•    4G module standby mode (remote control interval is set as 0 hour), 4G module will remain in a low power standby status, use the preset mobile phone number to directly dial or send a text message to the SIM card phone number on the camera, the camera will take picture and upload to the E-mail.

•    Research and develop Ltl Acorn Camera Cloud System exclusively in the industry, the picture and video taken by the camera can be directly uploaded to the Ltl Acorn Camera Cloud System server through the 4G network. Users can manage the photo and video taken by the camera through the Ltl Acorn Camera Cloud System.

•    FTP uploading function, camera uploads the file to appointed FTP after shooting, users can download the picture or video from FTP.

•    The centralized sending function, when the set time is reached, the camera will send out all the photos or videos taken in the day at once. It can greatly save the power consumption.

•    LTL-6511W wide angle series products with high quality wide lens of 100 degrees to wider the shooting range.

•    Cam + Video mode enables camera to take both picture and video at every trigger.

•    Burst shooting with 1 second interval.

•    Optional to equip with 42 LED lights of 850nm or 940nm for great night vision.

•    Ultra-long standby time: more than 3 years with 4 AA alkaline batteries and 6 18650 lithium batteries in battery box.

•    Working temperature: -45℃ - +70℃.

•    Tight waterproof housing: IP66.

•    Patent technology of Low Power Dual PIR Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor, the camera detects animals in advance from wide scope in two stages, then quickly trigger to shoot, standby current is about 60uA, makes it to be the pioneer in the industry.

•    Quick trigger time (0.8 seconds). The actual trigger time when the animal passes the camera from both sides of the camera is less than 0.2 seconds.

•    Two high accuracy timers make the camera work in two specified periods as request.

•    Set an ID for the camera, the prefix of file name could be same as the ID, makes it easy to classify the pictures from different place.

•    Date, time, temperature and moon phase could be shown on time stamp of the picture.

•    Password protected to prevent unauthorized operation.

•    Optional memory overwrite function: delete the early pictures or videos automatically to make room for new records.

•    Security box is optional for purchase.

•    Support to fix by tripod.

•    Supports to operate with 2G GSM/3G CDWMA/4G LTE networks globally.