Smt factory


With the development of the company, we introduced advanced SMT equipments imported from Europe, greatly strengthen product quality, improve production lines and the production technique.

Currently, SMT production only delicates to digital camera manufacturing needs, we have residual processsing capacity enables us to take small and medium outsourcing order over SMT processing for medium high-end products.

As we all know, surface mount technology has been widely used in various fields, such as: communications, electronics, aerospace, semiconductor and other fields. Meanwhile, with the further development of surface mount technology for SMT placement capability requirements are also increasing. From the current trend, along with the continuous development of mount parts, surface mount technology and semiconductor parts packaging technology has gradually combine many parts, such as CSP, MICRO BGA, FLIP CHIPS also emerged. MYDATA MY intelligent placement machine is such a trend can be suitable for future high-tech intelligent placement machine.

We own full auto printer ONE, Sweden MYDATA MY500 Jet printer ONE, Sweden MYDATA MY100 pick-and-place machine TWO, German 10 zones reflow welding machine ONE, good for SMT processing for medium high-end products. especially with MYDATA MY500, a jet printer which can easily apply solder paster or SMA onto complex and chanllenging boards with high precision, be able to take package on package(PoP) potted elements processing easily, POP Structure as follows:


We are open for outsourcing business, expecting your sincere cooperation.